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I studied singing at the Royal College of Music, but have really learnt to sing since I left. Singing, for me, is about communicating; whatever language you sing in, listeners should be left in no doubt what you mean! When I first left college, I did some busking in Covent Garden Market and this was a huge learning curve. I realised what an impact a trained human voice can have, live and up-close. This is what led me to develop my Opera Cabaret. I love it because I can see people’s reactions and feel the energy that comes back to me. One of the things I would always get is people coming up to me and saying ‘Where’s your microphone?’ or ‘How do you that? I wish I could do that’. I knew I had to teach: From the moment my Teaching Diploma was put into my hands I started to advertise for pupils. I want to pass on what I know and help new students reach the same enjoyment that I have when I sing. This really comes when you start to get a technical proficiency; when you’re on top of your technique, you can forget about it and really start to express what you feel through your voice.

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